VPS Hosting

I have searched all over at time looking for a good VPS hosting providers.   Some time back I came across Tragic Hosting and have fallen in love with them.  They claim and from my experience provide 99% uptime guarantee,  with affordable pricing. Not only that but they provide weekly backups of your servers, along with fantastic support.  Packages range from about $4 - $30 a month.  Supporting gaming options including Minecraft, Team Fortress, and other

SIP Internet Phone Service

Interested in upgraded to a internet based phone providers?  CallCentric provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service to residential and business customers worldwide. Using software on your computer or mobile device, Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA's), IP Phones, or IP PBX's, along with a broadband internet connection allows you to bypass the traditional local, long distance, and international telephone carriers resulting in significant saving

Domain Registration

A domain name is what a person enters in their Internet browser’s address bar to access a website. In our case, this is hover.com: Since millions of domain names have already been registered, it can be difficult finding a good one that is still available. Whatever you do, don’t add on unnecessary words or use weird spelling just to find an available domain. People need to be able to remember your domain name, so you should aim for something that’s short

DNS Service

The Domain Name System (or DNS) converts human-readable domain names (like: www.google.com) into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (like: Computers can only communicate using a series of numbers, so DNS was developed as a sort of “phone book” that translates the domain you enter in your browser into a computer readable IP. How does it work? This process happens in the blink of an eye. No really, we are talking a mere matter of milliseconds f

Spam Filtering

A spam filter is a program that is used to detect unsolicited and unwanted email and prevent those messages from getting to a user's inbox. Like other types of filtering programs, a spam filter looks for certain criteria on which it bases judgments. For example, the simplest and earliest versions (such as the one available with Microsoft's Hotmail) can be set to watch for particular words in the subject line of messages and to exclude these from the user's

GageDigital Hosting

I have used web hosting services for many years. Basically, I don't own any servers, just the use of them. I purchased a server for my use and an amount of bandwidth and disk space then turn around and divide it up so I can sell it as a service to others. Give you a lower price for a simple small package and also allows me to have a little income. Because I feel that when a person gets a domain and web page space they should be able to do what they want