In December of 2019, GageDigital joined the local Wabash County Chamber. By doing so GageDigital is partaking in the Retail Merchant check and discounted chamber card programs.

The following services we are providing a %5 discount if you have a Chamber Card:

You may use your Retail Merchant check’s for the following services that GageDigital offers.

When paying with a Merchant check, any extra amount will be kept as a credit on your account not to exceed $50. Or will be provided back to you in the form of a Check at your request.

GageDigital reserves the right at any time to cancel membership with the Chamber and no longer accept checks or provide discounted services. Your service will not be affected, but any provided discounts may be adjusted at the next bill cycle. You will receive a 30-day notice before your next billing cycle renewal or monthly payment if this was to happen.

Chamber Card validation may consist of in person verification or taking a selfie and holding the card up next to you with the front of the card clearly showing the chamber logo and year.

Any questions please contact me via my contact me page.