I have used web hosting services for many years. Basically, I don’t own any servers, just the use of them. I purchased a server for my use and an amount of bandwidth and disk space then turn around and divide it up so I can sell it as a service to others. Give you a lower price for a simple small package and also allows me to have a little income.

Because I feel that when a person gets a domain and web page space they should be able to do what they want with that service. Because of this I offer my plans with an unlimited amount of email accounts and some plans even have unlimited domains that they can add.

Many small providers when you get a base plan you will only get 5 email accounts. But with GageDigital Hosting you get unlimited email accounts. The only restriction is disk space, bandwidth and domain names. Get my Gold package and get unlimited domain names.

You will receive a one-month free if you pay an entire year upfront. Also, you can check out a demo of the CPanel (Control center for your website) that you will have access to.

Ready to sign up?   Just Contact me and include the domain name and how you will be using your website in the message.